Follower Cities

The Follower Cities – Aarhus (DK), Antwerp (BE), La Rochelle (FR), Mechelen (BE), Prague (CZ), and Ravenna (IT) – will be guided to map out URBANE innovations, evaluate their readiness, and plan adoption actions, by making use of the lessons learned from the URBANE Living Labs and using the tools of the URBANE Innovation Transferability Platform.

Objectives and ambitions

  1. To participate in a workshop presenting the URBANE Living Labs outcomes and tools.
  2. To conduct a preliminary analysis of their own plans for urban logistics, highlighting their own priorities.
  3. To map URBANE’s results and innovative models for potential use cases that could be suitable to address the needs in their own cities.
  4. To discuss with local stakeholders and to reflect on the barriers and prerequisites of the implementation of new models and innovations.
  5. To design a compact SWOT analysis and implementation plan by defining the major steps to adopt the innovations.
  6. To consolidate their views in a report with their own recommendations.
  7. To communicate their conclusions and results of their feasibility analysis in a side workshop during the final URBANE conference.