The ALICE Logistics Innovation awards were organized in the framework of the BOOSTLOG project, aiming to recognize companies and organizations that have successfully managed to transform knowledge generated in R&I funded projects into innovations in the market, transformative changes in society and logistics community or implemented effectively as part of policies and policy guides.

The 5th ALICE Logistics Innovation award was dedicated to Physical Internet. The award recognises organisations’ outstanding engagement in further developing R&I project results towards the implementation of the Physical Internet.

Inlecom was one of three winners due to their successful development of the URBANE project. URBANE analyses the physical, digital, social and business dimensions of complex last-mile logistics delivery systems based on the PI principles and existing practices of innovative urban logistics. It has developed a PI’s practical guide to LLs to enable LLs to transfer their logistics nodes and networks by analysing what can be digitalised, what can be automated, what can be shared or collaborative, what kind of contracts and for what.

More information on the award’s press release.