The aim of the PI observatory is to share market-oriented information and news about Physical Internet (PI) initiatives in order to generate a better mutual understanding among different types of stakeholders about the dynamics, competition, potential customer segments, buying patterns, and additional key aspects in the field of last mile delivery at local and international levels.

Developed in the context of the URBANE, the PI observatory will be the main instrument to inform about the concept that has emerged to leverage efficiency gains by the rise of digitalisation, the so-called ‘Physical Internet’.

The PI observatory website is structured to monitor the advancement towards Physical Internet uptake, especially in urban environments, in Europe but also beyond.

Three sections of the PI Observatory website

Market-ready innovations and technologies, that have proven to make a positive impact in European cities and serve as great examples of how to make the future urban logistics greener and more sustainable.

Use cases showcasing the successful deployment of the PI in cities that can serve as valuable references for new pilots and implementations.

Latest innovation trends, studies, expert opinion pieces, and news about the Physical Internet and the last-mile delivery sector.

Would you like to learn more? Do you have an interesting innovative solution or use case in logistics that you’re willing to share with the rest of the world? Visit the brand-new PI Observatory!

Author: Daniele Barnaba – FIT Consulting